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“I Hear A Lot of Men Talking!”

It appears to be war of sorts. It appears to be a war between men and women, but in reality, it is a war of life versus death.

Saturday mornings outside the local abortion mill are chaotic. You could even call it a circus. Dozens of people come out, too early for most people on the weekend, equipped with signs and new tactics, ready to wage war. For what? For the unborn. Our defenseless neighbor, in need of a voice. Countless debates are held, the gospel is preached and help is offered, all in hopes of lives being transformed.

“I hear a lot of men talking,” screeches the crowd of feminists, and to be completely honest they have a point. Not because, men do not have the right to wage war against the murder of our preborn neighbor, but because I and a few other faithful women are grossly outnumbered in this versus game.

We live in a culture with a liberal agenda. Hints of feminism in everything. Within the last year, I have become more aware of its subtle entry into the Church, slithering around deceiving. I, too, was once under the impression that it could offer redeeming qualities, or rather it could be redeemed for the beneficial use of the body. I believe the most obvious point of entry is God’s design for marriage being tainted in the form of egalitarianism, but I have noticed something else. See, I find it just as odd, that a man would stand for Pro-Choice, well, because he really does not have a dog in this fight. The only logical conclusion I can come to, is these are men, not wanting to be men. Weak, effeminate boys, pursuing the “rights of women,” to avoid the responsibility of being a man.

What does this have to do with the Church? The greatest push back that my husband and I receive about this ministry, is that we are being mean to women. Well, that’s odd, the feminists say the same thing. They claim that the love of Christ does not look like women feeling shame for the shameful act that they are doing. Perhaps, the Church as a whole has become accustomed to the idea of a false “Christ”, in the form of a weak, effeminate man that did not wage war against the darkness and defeat it? Jesus does exemplify love for us, but not because he is passive or all-inclusive. Jesus did not abolish the Law, but he came to fulfill the Law (Matthew 5:17-20). We are not offering a harsh hand of judgment when we minister in the dark places. In fact, we are sharing with them the very mercy and grace freely given to us, by Christ.

Have we forgotten about the cross? Christ was brutally beaten and murdered, for whom? His people. He laid down His life, willingly, so that we would no longer be separated from God. In order for the wrath of God, to be satisfied, Jesus had to die. These are not just words that we say, but this a harsh reality that should radically affect us. Love, in the form of Christ, looks like the perfect Lamb who was slain. Love according to the gospel, causes us to be confronted with our sin, to see the need of Jesus. For those who do not receive this gift? The punishment is eternal damnation, and rightly so. According to the standards established by our culture, this is deplorable.

One of the great heresies in the Church today is denying an essential understanding of the Trinity. That being, Christ is the New Testament and old curmudgeonly God is the Old Testament. Jesus has always been, existing in unity with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. So we are not in a new wave of Christianity that is permissive and overlooking. Jesus even “raises the bar” in the Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5:21-28) Our sinful nature is even expressed in our thought life. It is impossible to obtain the goodness of God, on our own. The same story has been told from the beginning of time. We all have fallen short of the glory of God and you need Jesus to atone for your sins.

One of the most beautiful and convicting truths about Jesus is that the King of the world left His throne, and dwelt among the people. He humbly lowered himself into the position of a man and walked along with those who hated Him. This reality about Christ challenges me to do ministry that is uncomfortable or not glamourous. To go into the undesirable places, to tell people hard truths, that they do not want to hear, in hopes that they may be saved from certain death.

Abortion is one of the greatest evils permitted in our country today. At one of our local abortion mills, roughly 30 people are murdered in the womb, daily. If that many people’s lives were taken in cold blood at your local grocery store, it would be considered a mass murder. These mothers who are killing their babies are not victims of their lives. They have been offered help and support, yet they still decide it is better for their child to die. Taking the life of an innocent, defenseless person, on the altar of convenience.

We need women. We need women to help proclaim the Light in this prevailing darkness. We need women to share their stories about motherhood and trials and Christ’s triumph over it all. Let us not allow the cries of the ones oppressing women and children, in the bondage of death, appear true.

The best way we can love our neighbor is to tell them the truth. WWJD? He would hold back those being taken away to the slaughter! (Proverbs 24:11)

So ladies, we need your help. Women need your help. Unborn children need your help. The harvest in plenty, but the laborers are few.




Katelyn Caswell

Katelyn Caswell

Redeemed. Reformed. Married to my high school sweetheart. Mother of three sweet and spirited daughters.
Katelyn Caswell

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Katelyn Caswell

Redeemed. Reformed. Married to my high school sweetheart. Mother of three sweet and spirited daughters.