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An Open Letter to Jory Micah

An Open Letter to Jory Micah

Jory, I first discovered and began to interact with you on Twitter around October of last year. I watched you argue and insist that being a Christian and a feminist can coincide. I have witnessed countless times, you blaspheme God, by referring to Him as a goddess and all inappropriate female pronouns. I have read blogs about how your husband needs to submit to you. I have followed you through two sabbaticals in less than six months, and I have watched you switch your soap box from female pastors in the church, to now social justice and politics. I have watched you scramble. Scramble for hope, truth, value, worth, and acceptance.

Yes, Jory, I am a complementarian. I am not one of the neo-Calvinists that you love so much, but I am reformed. I hold tightly to the Word of God because as far as knowledge goes, this is all we have. We cannot know anything about God’s character, His design or order, without His Word. I know you would agree with this on some level because I have witnessed you try to biblically account for your beliefs. Attempting to refute complementarians, with the same verses we use to refute you. The difference between you and I, is that I do not have to read the Bible through the lens of complementarianism. I do not have to go searching for half-truths and twist scripture, in order to prove a point. Mainly, because my soap box is the gospel. I do not need His Words to justify who I am. Scripture is very clear. I was and am a wretch. Christ chose to die for me, that I may be redeemed and know Him. If He had not done this, He still would be worthy of my worship. It truly breaks my heart, that you have this following of people, and you do not proclaim the Good News. Women’s rights, justice ministries, leftist politics, do not save souls, nor do they make Jesus more palatable. Either people are confronted with their sin against a Holy God, repent and trust in Jesus, or they do not know Him. That is the gospel, and it’s the only meaningful thing to stand for.

What about 1 Peter 3? Sarah obeyed Abraham and called him lord! Of the sections of the Bible that discuss wives submitting to their husbands, this is the only example we are given by an actual wife. A gentle, humble woman obeying and submitting to the leadership of her husband. Men are commanded to live with their wives in an understanding way, showing honor to them as the what? The weaker vessel. This is in the Bible. Which means it is profitable. We cannot overlook this. Knowing that wives are subject to their own husbands, completely shatters any hope of female pastors being biblical. How can a woman be under the headship of her husband, if she is leading with authority in a pulpit? You attempted to null and void this solid argument by insisting that Ephesians 5:21, “submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ,” was an overarching statement, doing away with gender roles within the marriage. Except, the word submit, suggests that we are subject to someone of authority over us. Logic tells us that this does not make sense, that we can all constantly be in a state of subjection to everyone. The verse serves as an introductory statement as Paul lays out the relationship between a wife and husband, a child and parent and a slave and their master. We are called to submit to our bosses, pastors, government, etc. If it is easier for you to submit, essentially to a stranger than your own husband, with nothing mutual, this should be a huge wake-up call. I believe this is an indicator of the heart. However, you may just have a problem with all authority, unless it is your own, and to that, I would, lovingly, ask you to repent.

I am honestly concerned for you and those that follow you. Jory, you have created a goddess, literally, in your own image. Your goddess is conveniently for the things you care most deeply for. In light of the election, suddenly, it benefited you that your goddess would be for the Democratic nominee…why? A woman was running for president, the highest level of leadership in our country. The woman who wickedly was for late term abortion. An issue for you, that has gray areas, and women who murder their children, are victims, despite the help they are offered. Ultimately, your goddess says you can be a pastor, that you can carry great worth among the people and be revered, and this is a goddess, that by your own standard, is to be praised.

I watched your video on how you made the transition from a 13-year old girl, raised pentecostal to a “Christian feminist.” How faithful men, told you what the Bible says and you did not like it. See, our hearts are wicked, deceitfully so. You cannot rely on the self-revelation from ‘god’ to justify a call to being a pastor. Wanting to be a pastor, does not qualify you as one. Standing up and preaching God’s Word with authority to men, is indeed blasphemous. You desire to blaspheme God, Jory. At what price? The answer to an ill-intended event does not mean we answer it by saying God’s order is wrong. I’ve said it before, and I will say it until I die, the creature does not put the Creator on trial.

What I see from your social media sites, is an incredibly passionate woman, but I fear the thing that you are most passionate about, is yourself. Please do not harden yourself to these words. If the God of the Bible, truly did design (which I know He has), only men for the headship in the home and to be pastors in the church, would you still love Him? The story of Jesus does not belong to us. It does not wildly feed our passions and He does not serve as a notary in our missions. I am afraid that the thing you love the most about your goddess, is that it serves you.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” –Romans 12:2

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Katelyn Caswell

Katelyn Caswell

Redeemed. Reformed. Married to my high school sweetheart. Mother of three sweet and spirited daughters.
Katelyn Caswell

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Katelyn Caswell

Redeemed. Reformed. Married to my high school sweetheart. Mother of three sweet and spirited daughters.

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  1. ReplyMax
    Great letter, very clear.
  2. ReplyEternity Matters
    Good for you! Micah is a false teacher. Sadly and hypocritically, she recently wrote of her separation issues when her mom would leave her even for short periods of time, yet she pushes women to put their children in day care all day or gives a pass to them killing them. Hope she repents of her false god someday. I feel sorry for her husband, though maybe he's getting what he wants.
  3. ReplyAuthorKatelyn Caswell
    Thank you for reading!! I do hope she repents :)
  4. ReplyMelissa Richardson
    Praising God for this! His will be done, whether or not any of us, some of us or none of us believe, because it's not about us. It's all about Him. Thanks for sharing, encouraging and edifying the body of Christ. May we all be able to use this for Gods glory.
    • ReplyAuthorKatelyn Caswell
      Thank you! Praise God! May His name be glorified!
  5. ReplyWayne Nowacki
    Just discovered your site from the Jory post and I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. Thank you for following the likes of the Sheologians and others: be a woman who follows a respectful and biblical stance on the issues of our days, and not fall pray to the fluff that poses as Christianity in our churches today!